What is this strange word I throw in your face all of a sudden? Is it the bastard child of cyberpunk perhaps?
Not an entirely faulty assumption to be honest.
Biopunk is biology performed by people outside of labs, in places fashioned to house there activities, but that was not originally meant to. Like their garage, or a spare closet for instance.
They play around with DNA, crossbreeding the furry things that grow on spoiled food, mixing their own genome with that of a doves to see if things go boom, or they've just discovered something that may give them a braingasm.
Sailing the seven seas of biology, taking what they need to pursue their own goals, outside of the laws and ethics of modern science.
Biopunk may very well be to us what cyberpunk was to the late 80s/early 90s, a prophecy foretelling the future.

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