Ik zweer het bij mijn baard // I swear on my beard by Sebas van den Brink


The problem with politics is this: no-one seems to realize that no school of thought will ever be agreed upon to be right. Compromise is the only thing we can ever hope for, but still people act like the other views are those of skin-eating aliens from the moon that have no concept of what a human could possibly want.
Politics isn't about right or wrong, or about what's good or bad either. It's about making the most people happy. That's it. Politics is for making us happy, to make us feel like we won and things will be just as we want them to. It's never gonna happen of course, but the illusion of being right makes us content. We're safe in the knowledge that the good guys (which is always us no matter what) won. The problem is that both being content and wanting to actually remake society in the image of whatever self-righteous bastards thought he could save the world you've chosen to believe in amounts to the same thing. The status quo. Or at least more or less.
What actually creates a better society is what is good for most people, which isn't necessarily what makes them happy. What does that tell you? People who follow political schools blindly whiteout any thoughts of their own are bastards. People that thinks you can be content with how things are? Also bastards.
Who can you trust then? Except for me? Well, start with journalists who criticize politicians from all camps. I know, i know. It's hard to find, but there are a few. The easiest way would be to ask a politician which journalist he's afraid to give an interview to. Or better yet, which political journalist a political journalist looks up to. (This assumes you find someone that is more or less equally critical to all camps to ask. A bit of a 22 when you think about it.)
The easiest way would of course to become equally critical of both parties and chose who to vote for depending on who has the most realistic plans for real change that does not include magically giving people money. Because people who promise everyone more money lie. Money does not magically appear out of no-where. Money is moved from somewhere into your pockets. Like a library.
And if you don't like libraries you are a hypocrite. The Internet is the worlds largest library containing both media, text and an impressive collection of porn. The Internet even has illegal material if you know where to look, which of course might be true for a few libraries, but I doubt most of them have instruction on how to transform your genitals into a mini-flamethrower.
Besides, it's nice to sit down with a real book, with actual printed words to read. The weight of it, the feel of paper and the fact that you suddenly look 10 times more cultural and intelligent is what nice about it. Though that last one depends a bit on what you're reading of course.

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