Ze Doktor iz IN

I love comics. I'm not ashamed to say so. But as with many things, I'm a bit of an elitist when it comes to plot and art. If either isn't to my liking, I can't read it. Same goes for movies, tv-shows, you name it. Either way, Ellis is one of my favorite authors when it comes to comics. Thing is, I only really love his sci-fi work. Sure, I like superhero comics from time to time, and Bad World was awesome, although I've heard about some of it before. But, it's the stories about the future that interests me the most. Spider Jerusalem taking on the President of the United States armed with a bowel disruptor, his brains, and of course his filth assistants. Global Frequency fighting to save mankind from most about anything really. There's just something about these stories that remind me of the first time I read Snow Crash, and the mental orgasms it caused. It's the near future, and I can actually see before me how we might end up there. A harmful memetic idea spreads throughout the populace, and we need to find the right idea to counter it. Sure, memetics are not really accepted yet, but I hold no doubt it soon will. And with the discovery, and realization of just how big Anonymous is, I kinda feel like taking up the quill myself. Anonymous is a stand alone complex that operates trough memes, with no leadership, and no clear similarity between members. It could turn into the worlds largest and most dangerous terrorist organization, consisting of thousands of different cells. Or it could possibly form any number of covert organization, with time even end up with wast political influence. Sure, it's not likely, but that's hasn't really stopped anything so far, has it? Either way, I was going to say that Doktor Sleepless, so far, is awesome. I'm still not sure the Doktor is actually real or not, considering that part about the tupla. But I guess I'll have to wait and see for myself eventually. Oh, and the grinder symbol is fucking awesome. If I actually knew what it stands for, I might get a tattoo with it. Hell, I might get it anyway.

Just Another Day

A few days ago I was in a rush. I was supposed to have written a disposition for a ca 20 pages long essay about parkour, and how the city change our movement, and how we in turn adapt to overcome the city. But thing hadn't gone as planed, and I was running late. I listened to Death From Above 1979 a hour or so before I actually left home, and with Dead Womb as the metronome for my feet, I jumped on my orange (spray painted) Swedish military surplus bicycle. I had soon achieved quite good speed, and where racing trough the green areas around my flat, heading towards the towering shape of the University. The sun shined, and the wind played, and I could feel the gravel hitting the wheels as I made my way over the dirt roads. Not that any of this really matters much, I had an alright idea, and I got the help I needed to evolve it further. But for some reason, I remember that I thought, as I was about to cross a road, that this should be documented somehow. That precise moment seemed so very important. The light stress, the nice weather, me looking good, and for a change actually feeling kinda good too. Maybe it was the adrenaline, or maybe I just needed to get out and move a bit, but those 10-15 minutes was an almost perfect moment. And I wish there where more of those...


The Multiself

Who am I when I go online? Do I change my behavior, my appearance, my gender? Am I even human? All of this depends quite a bit on who you are, and what patterns you follow while at your computer. Some play games where they turn themselves into great heroes, cunning thieves, powerful and wise wizards, and so on. Others might alter their personality, for instance you might be more outspoken than normally when debating something, or you might just go around and troll and flame, just because you never do when you're being you. I have several different personality's when I go online. When I blog for instance, a certain aspect of me tend to dominate. The thing with blogging though, it that (in my case) you shift from subject to subject. And even if one part of my personality dominate, I incorporate several other parts of my mind into one. Though this makes me wonder, are all these parts me? For instance, one of my persona's belongs to the Urban Dead universe. (I have several I might add.) She is a short, blond girl, a bit older than my real self. This is all just appearance though. Her personality is that of a mental patient. Her vast imagination, and tendency to create stories, imagining all kinds of places, persona's and adventures, did with time become as real as the real world. Reality became another extension for her mind, and in a sense, reality didn't exist for her. Because of this, she has killed several people, none of them deserving to be killed, and is now regarded as Kill on Sight by one of the games largest groups. The thing is, how much do I have in common with the characters I create? What does it mean that 2 of my 3 characters in this game are mad, for instance? Maybe I just wanted to explore madness for a while, but I also believe that every person have the potential for any kind of emotion, any kind of change in personality. So maybe what I explored was not the topic of madness, but my own madness? And than we have the fact that all 3 of my characters are in some way on the wrong side of the law. First we have the crazy killer girl, then we have the pirate who, after having been adrift in a lifeboat for some time, got his brain fried by the sun. And third we have the former mafia boss. The mafia boss is actually the only of my characters who likes to take part in planing, tactics, and those kinda things. So, am I a latent criminal lunatic? Well, I'm not much for order, I believe laws are often flawed and ineffective, but I haven't really found a reason to brake any major once. Maybe there is actually some things I have in common with my characters? My blond psycho-killer girl, for instance, we both like suits and stories. I have quite the imagination I've been told, and I like to write a bit from time to time. All theses things are similar with the character, so maybe it isn't just a made up character, maybe it's an exaggeration of my own personality? Which makes we wonder even more, if the characters I create are, or maybe become a part of me, who am I? Can I say that these traits are something that defines me as a person? Or would that only be one part of me? Sure, most of us have a way the tend to act towards friends, towards family, and so on. This is of course all part of us, so why wouldn't these other's be?


Israeli News Report on Scientology

Part 1:

Part 2:

First serious tv-coverage on Scientology so far. Lot's of people seem to be unaware that only a tenth or so of the organizations part of Scientology are actually open about it. The drug rehab organization Narconon is one example. According to their own research they're number one when it comes to getting people clean. This is of course not true, in fact, according to sources unaffiliated to Scientology and their puppet organizations, Narconons program is less effective than the well known 10 Steps Program. While other programs succeed in 15% of their cases, Narconon claims a 70% success rate. Only comparing the numbers reveals that there is something weird going on. If it was that easy to cure people of an addiction, wouldn't we have a lot less addicts running around? Then we have the Scientology organization's War on Psychiatry. Basically they're trying to ban Psychiatric treatment and the prescription of psychiatric drugs. Not only in the US, but in the entire world. Sure, it may sound a little tin-foil when I say they're aiming for the entire world. But they see it as their mission to save the entire planet. Or at least the people that's not at the top does. What David (the leader) and his friends are after is probably more along the lines of bad comic book villains plans of world domination. Then we have their practice of creating a file on everyone that joins, and making them reveal everything about their past. This gives them a lot of dirt to pressure members with in case they think about leaving the organization. Or at least to make sure they remain silent about what they know. But enough ranting. Watch the news report, and go to the protest tomorrow at the 12th.


Update on: Anonymous vs. Scientology

As you know if you have any sort of attention to what's going on in the outside world, the conflict goes on. And as things escalate, more and more people finds out about it. The Church of Scientology has of course tried to stop the protester by exposing them on YouTube, making a video about the dangerous cyber-terrorist organization known as Anonymous (which contains at best half-truths, and at worst pure lies), and having their lawyers send threatening letters to protesters. But since they don't really have anything to pin on anyone, they can only threaten the unfortunate Anons. And I can call it threats, since they're accusing the protesters of illegal activities whiteout any proof, and saying that they will will contact legal services. The strange this is that they at first say that they've undertaken legal action, but at the end, they say that they will undertake legal action if the person in question doesn't stop what they're doing (alright, not in those words, but that's the message behind the words, so to speak). Then we of course have the protests that's been going on. The monthly ones have been successful each time, but there has also been smaller protest as well. Small groups of Anons have gone out and done "Hug-raids" as they call them. They essentially go out with signs saying "Free Hugs", dance around to the great Rick Astley, shout a little, sing a lot, these kinda things. At first I was skeptical to this approach, I didn't think it was consistent with the image of Anonymous, or something along those lines. But if you actually think about, who decides their image? I don't think anyone can, so saying that this or that isn't "right" would just mean that you haven't got the concept of Anonymous right. There are no real rules or guidelines. Sure, there is the raid-rules of course. "Ebaums did it" is another classic. But that's essentially it. Sure, I understand if someone thinks "Hug-raids" are fucked up, since Anon is supposed to be the dark sides of humanity. But who the fuck decided all of that? And what right did they have to do so? Sure, maybe they've lurked for years, but does that mean they're right? I welcome the chaos that is Anonymous. And it's quite clear if you compare the recent attack at forums for epileptics. Sure, it was a minor raid, and it kinda failed as well, since the attackers hadn't done their research. Either way, it gained some attention from major sites, and everyone complained about how awful it was. In the meantime these "Hug-raids" wear being carried out. Same "group", completely different methods and motives. Either way, I'm getting a bit carried away here. So I'll just provide with a little reading that was massive win. First of, the indisputable best article about Anonymous and Scientology so far. Then we have a famous academics take on this whole thing. And thirdly a study of digital media based on the conflict. This third one isn't full of tech-terms and such, so don't worry about that. And I've recently gotten hold of an Israeli show that apparently kicked Scientology in the metaphorical nuts. It's a good show on a big national channel so at least in Israel Scientology seems to be in trouble. This in combination with the Anonymous protests. The leaders niece dropping out of the cult and starting an organization to help victims escape Scientology whiteout harassment. Germany branding them unconstitutional, as well as a list of other countries being critical towards them could very well be the final piss in a ocean of piss that breaks the floodgates and drowns the organization once and for all. At least one can hope.


Suddenly: Text!

I felt the urge to write something, but my mind kept jumping around trying to avoid moving in one straight line. Lost in a labyrinth of emotions and impulses I tried to focus. Then I realized something... This place looks like crap! But what exactly was this place? What dark pit of hell had I been cast into, and why? Who had done it, and what was their reason for it? Had my occasional jabs with insanity finally taken hold of me? Had I gone over the edge, or had I maybe become one myself? Too many question and too few answers. Things were getting out of hand, and that was only in my mind. Imagine what the rest of the world must look like by now. My straw hat had turned into something smaller and white. I had to actually feel to be sure that was the case. The sensation that passed trough me when I saw the hat I had on my hat laying in my hall was strange and exciting indeed, but also confusing and terrifying. Had I actually removed it myself? I could not recall. But I knew one thing: I had to get out of here. Now. (This was an attempt at a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, in case you got confused.)

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