2 Hours of Sleep

That's apparently how little I can sleep during the night and function normally. Well, alright, so normally might be stretching it. One of the drawbacks with being a freak of nature I suppose. But still, I spent most of the time I spend comatose studying for my first Psychology exam. Then slept badly on the couch for 2 hours before going to school and doing the exam. That took 4 hours, and then I went home, feeling quite superior in a ├╝bermench sorta way for the rest of the day. Oh, and I did parkour for 2,5 hours as well. In snow. Ok, so I just wanted to post something before going to bed basically. I had quite a few ideas, but it seems parts of my brain has shut down to avoid long term damage already. Oh yeah: Smile more. It tricks your brain into making you happier. A book told me, so it's hopefully fairly accurate. Or maybe it's a trick to get people to smile more towards each other, thereby creating a more friendly society... Or maybe I've watched too many cheap Buddhist knock offs of the X-files.

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