Blue People

Are very real it seems.
Or how about a blue man?
A blue woman?
And here's the name of the medical disorder: Methemoglobinemia.
I know, I know. Wiki is lazy, but checking the links and sources are pretty useful most of the time.
Now go do that.

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

Just watched this documentary a few minutes ago and I'm not really sure what to say. I'm angry, sad, disappointed, confused and quite a few others I'm not even sure what they are.
I'm not angry because it happened so much as I am angry that the ones that have the ultimate responsibility for it will never be punished. Some even got rewarded for their disregard for human rights, approval of torture, and of course for covering their asses while a few MPs took the fall.

How many people died at Abu Ghraib? How many have died at Guantanamo? Why did the previous American government approve of the use of so called extreme interrogations?
Has the policy been revised? Are there any plans to? What about a formal apology from the current president on the behalf of the American people?
How can you go from trying to maintain a standard that is above the Geneva Convention to going far far below it?
Is the American military and intelligence really this bad at their jobs? You get the feeling that their was no real regulations, no rules or much control in general over what was going on. People where trying to ignore it, just like the Germans living around the concentration camps were during World War II.
Is this how far we've come? What is in our future if this sort of thing is allowed to happen, and is even encouraged by the government of one of the biggest nations at this point in time?
Since when did it become "do what's necessary" instead of "do what's right"?
Since when does the ends justify the means?
But the one question I keep hearing over and over in my head is just a single word: "Why?"

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