I've just watched documentary about Hunter S. Thompson, the closest thing to the second coming of Jesus we've had so far.
Let me explain, Hunter cared about people. He might not have reported things neutrally so that we could decide for ourselves what we thought, but he did report things from his own heart. And he was damned good at it.
I don't know why I'm so fascinated by Hunter. He was a rock star writer, but I've never really understood the hysteria over musicians. The closest thing I get is a sort of respect and pride over what they're doing. I feel like what they do matters to me, and that's really the only thing you need to achieve as an artist, any sort of artist. Entertainment is secondary if what you do makes someone think for just a moment. Even if they think about something trivial, like the price of gas, you've made them think, which is a lot harder than making people feel.

That also a think that should be required for people going into politics. They need to care about people. Maybe not all people, but at least most people. If you only care about a sliver of the people your going to have an influence over, you've got no business in any position of authority.

China is apparently cracking down hard on anyone with a opinion that differs from the government to make things look nice and tidy during the Olympics. Another proud moment in the history of humanity.

McCain owns 7 homes, consider 28 million dollars to be an alright amount of money, yet media accuses Obama of attacking the American Dream when he criticizes McCain for not knowing how many homes he's got. So, apparently there is no difference between greed and the American Dream these days. What happened with "One nation under God"? Last time I checked greed was a mortal sin, but maybe they've changed the 10 Commandments to fit better in to a society that values income and property over people?

I'd rather live in the loving care of a mad freak, than the uninterested care of a normal person.

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