It is cold outside today. Cryo is, I think, the Latin term for cold. (Icy cold even. I looked it up.) Liquid nitrogen is a cryogen it seems. And cryogenics is the study of how low temperatures occur, and how they effect things. Sorta. And I can say for certain that the temperatures outside makes me feel like my face has fallen off, and my feet are drifting away filled with helium. Anyway, I decided to post in lack of things to do. Not that I don't have things to do, it's just that I can't seem to do them for some reason. So, here's a video I found interesting:

Low. Life. from Clayton Cubitt on Vimeo. Found via Warren Ellis. I've also been listening to Larkin Grimm quite a lot. It's fucking brilliant. Kinda like flash-freezing a living flame inside a block of ice. Plus she looks likes she could kick my ass by thinking hard enough about it. But despite impending doom, it is good. It's some sort of intense, slightly erratic combination of sounds and emotions that feels very right. Yeah, enough of that now. Obey, do not question. Etc. End.

2009 so far

A new year is here. Sorta. I was too drunk to notice, which might actually have been a good move on my part. The bad thing is that I have to pay for the things I borrowed at the party, got incredibly drunk, and got home at seven in the morning the day after. Oh, and everyone now thinks I have a crush on Gary Oldmans mustache.
But I got to meet a friend of mine who's been to Japan for 2 years or so. Which was totally awesome. We didn't talk nearly as much as we should have, but we were both sorta drunk. Or at least he was when we first meet up. I joined him not soon afterwards.

But enough about my nights spent rambling incomprehensibilities at people while drinking up others booze, smoking their smokes (or in this case hookah), and generally having a good time. I'm sure at least someone got pissed and wanted to punch me. Luckily I am tall, some might even say that I am big. I'm not sure I'd disagree, but I do get a small chock as soon as I see someone taller than me. The  bastards...

But yeah, a new year, a new start. Or not.
I've been reading about memetics lately. And even in some cases indirectly.
Something sorta hit me a while ago though.
If we had to reach a certain state of development for memetic ideas to take hold in our minds, what is the next stage?
I know most people may not be too aware about memetics, which really is their loss, because it makes sense in a lot ways.
The fact that it also has the ability to incorporate almost anything into it's system sorta helps too.
But, if we can reach a state where our ideas, thoughts and believes behaves like viruses that constantly affect or mental immune system, what happens when we evolve further? Will ideas start jumping from people to people as our minds becomes more and more alike? Kinda unlikely, since a lot of things shape the structure of our brains. Language for instance.
But look far enough into the future and it might just work.

I've also realized that conspiracy theory's and religions have a lot in common in the way they affect their believers. More on this at a later time though.
And I've realized that identity is one hell of a interesting subject. What is my identity, how does it affect others, how does it look from another perspective, what does it consist off, can I alter it somehow? Is my identity based in some fundamental principal that everyone shares? What happens if I manage to change it?
Lots to think about. But for now I should probably stick to the memetics....

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