Anonymous vs. Scientology III

The conflict, war, battle, or epic raid, has moved into it's fourth phase. Namely spreading the word all over the world, and try to generate negative attention towards the church of Scientology. Several videos, articles and documents regarding the conflict can be found on Digg, YouTube, Google, all over the place more or less. More and more serious newspapers and such are showing an interest in the conflict. Some think the Anonymous are doing more damage than good, others think they're vigilantes, fighting for a just cause. Physically, a few brave souls have put up posters and given out flyer's in New York around one of the Churches there. In Perth, Australia, other members of Anonymous have made decals and spray painted their messages around town, and on the door to the local Scientology church. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sure, it's technically vandalism, but it's still damn funny.

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