Anonymous vs. Scientology II

As I said, I will try and keep you up to date about the battle, and will do so divided into several ongoing posts here on my little blog. What I need to clarify here, is the fact that several sites have been threatened with lawsuits from the Church of Scientology, amongst these are Google, Gawker, and YouTube. The only real question is how many hours it will take before they try to pin a lawsuit against Anon? Something that will be nearly impossible, since the number of people involved, and their identity's, are unknown. Anyway, here is the declaration of war, so to speak: Message to Scientology. And further more, a protests of sorts in England: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anonymous vs. Scientology

It is indeed true, the cult versus the infamous Anonymous! The battle has raged for a few days now, and so far Anonymous have closed down a few of the Scientos pages, prank called, ordered them pizza and cabs, to mention a few things. All of this is done publicly as well. But the main thing here is to consider the fact that Anonymous is the perfect organization to take on Scientology. Why? Because they are really anonymous, which seems to be the only defense against the tactics of the church, which includes lawsuit till death for anyone who criticises, questions or try to spread any of their beliefs. People get photographed, and probably stored in some sort of register of know troublemakers or something, only for questioning them publicly. Reporters investigating the church are being followed and advised to stop their slander or face lawsuits. The purpose of these lawsuits are mainly to literally kill a persons finances. It's a message saying: "Do not fuck with us, you can't afford it." And for those who leave this little, friendly and in no way illegal cult, things get really bad. Accusations of pedophilia, threats, and so fort and so on. No "Turn the other check" here... The worst part is that media and celebrities are careful about criticizing Scientology, in fear of a lawsuit which only reason is to intimidate them into keeping their criticisms to a minimum, or non-existant. Anyway, Anon is tired of the abuse of freedom of speech, and has decided to declare war against the Scientos. Something that I wish them luck in, and who knows? I might even try and help them out a bit. As I mentioned, this little battle has only just begun, and there has so far been a little interest shown by the media. But if this thing actually turns into what I hope it will turn into, we're gonna hear a lot more about it soon... One of the first news casts about the battle.

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