Playing Catch

I have once more returned for a joust with the words and letters you see before you.
Lately things have been kinda busy, I'm back home for the first extended period of several days this month though, so that's probably about to change from now on.

First of I was at the Arvika Festival, awesome funtime all around there. Then I got home and the same day my friend called and told me I had work in a few days if I wanted to. So, I spent two days at home, then went over to my mateys place for the duration of about a week while we worked. Then I was home once more for a few days, before leaving for the capital around these parts, namely Stockholm. I spent arond 10 days there mostly just relaxing with my dad, various relatives, my dads girlfriend and her kids, and my trusty laptop.
I played trough Max Payne 2, half of Mass Effect, and got to see a bit from Bioshock (awesome) Witcher (not really my thing), and I saw Hancock as well. I have to say that I really hated the ending to that one, way to Disney-cuddly for my taste, especially considering that Hancock actually killed quite a few badguys in it. Not grapchically or anything, but punshing people trough walls generally have that effect if you ask me.
Now comes the spoilers, so skip the last part here if you wanna see Hancock:
The movie would have been a lot better if it ended with them dying, or with Hancock hurling himself to the moon.
First option have the advantage of being a shock to the viewer. The immortal hero, and his immortal on and off girlfriend gets killed by a simple bunch of criminals.
The second one could go in a few ways: He drifts of into space, becoming more and more powerfull as he gets further and further away from earth.
He stays on the moon, becoming a hermit.
Or he ends up fighting an alien scourge coming towards earth?
That last one would be a bit of a return to Independence Day though, so maybe that's off in this case.

Either way, now I'm back home once more. Brain hardly functioning thanks to severe lack of sleep, due to riding the train down here instead of sleeping.
Riding a train in the current heat that's pounding on us right now wasn't the best idea either. Sure, it was at night so it wasn't to hot outside, but a train crammed full of people trying to sleep, with windows that you can open, but that will prevent you from sleeping because of the occasional bursts of sound made by the train?
The choise was: either you sleep in suffocating heat, or you get a little sleep interupted by bursts of ear-shredding sound.
I manged to sleep a bit, but mostly I read about Anarchism or listened to rhe Roots.

This resluted in the usual state somewhere between perfect clearness and sleep that presents itself when you've neglected sleep, about a hour before I was supposed to catch the train while in transit in Gothenburg. Things seemed suprigsingly clear, I knew what I would do with my life, this included parkour workshops, politics, and writting.
And none of it seems all wrong after a good nights sleep either, which actually scares me a bit, since I've never really known what I've wanted to do before.
Maybe I've changed a bit, but that much?

I also had a feeling of meeting myself when I was headed out of the station. The glassdoor was reflecting the sun in such a way that I could see myself in it, but in my tired state I didn't realize it was me, and I tried to move out of the way of my reflection.
When I relized my mistake I kinda froze for a minute, the realization was quite huge, at least to me. It felt as if I was outside my body watching myself for a moment, and it didn't feel too bad actually. Which either means I'm an egotastical maniac, or just quite a mellow dude, hard to tell.

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