Iran - The Election Was Rigged

People are apparently starting to find boxes of ballots thrown in dumpsters all over the country.
This, in combination with the current President winning even in the oppositions own home village, as well as winning with a clear majority when the result was predicted to be quite even, seems to indicate that the election was indeed a sham.

And here's another blog updating with the latest info.

Trials Against the Church of Scientology in France

Older article.

New article.

If they are judged guilty the Church of Scientology will no longer be considered legal in France. If it happens, it'll most likely take a few years.
L. Ron Hubbard was apparently also judged guilty of fraud in '78.

A Quick Iran Update

I'm hearing rumors of the police siding with the people, and the military refusing to harm protesters...
I might have to skip sleep altogether tonight to see what happens.

Also: Links.
Here's a piece that takes you back a bit and forces you to think instead of diving into it with your emotions. I found it helpful at least.

U.S. State Department asked Twitter to move their update so that the Iranian people could use it to communicate?

An article about the police protecting both sides. Pretty even headed and whiteout taking a stand towards either side. Good journalism.

Things are getting very interesting. I need tea now.

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