Movies and Yellyfish

I might have found a new favorite director. (Not that I really have one at the moment, but Katsuhito Ishii is a strong contender either way.)

The Immortal Jellyfish are preparing for their first strike on humanity apparently.
That'd be a good name for a band if you happen to need one by the way.

And here's a clip from a movie you've all probably seen:

Regina Spektor - Back of a Truck

Yeah, I love her too. No surprise there. This is from her first album. One of my favorites from it. It's a lot more all over the place then her latest one, but that's just fun I think.
And it's an awesome song to sing along with. Or try to, at least.
Music only version though, but still, enjoy!

Things from Grinding

Today I have found 3 things that interest me on Grinding.be One post about the history of the Internet, one about a new fuel cell that's so small that you can fit quite a few on the tip of your finger, and a possible future for pirate radio. Needless to say I like this place once in a while. I could care less for cool designer things and stuff like that. I feel it's occasionally too high-tech you might say. We all know the future will most likely be low-tech by now anyway, right?

You lose! Good day sir!

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