Our actions do not tell about us, they change who we are

Ever thought about the fact that we act differently towards different people? I hope you have, otherwise you slacking on the rest of the human race you know. Does this mean we change personality as well? How much does an altered behavior change us? If I set up several different accounts and keep them separate, and try to invoke them with different personality's, are they still me? Or are they someone else? Do we have a myriad of different persona's in our heads? And how do they affect our main one. The one known as the self. Actually, they're probably all the same originally. But, what if, throughout acting, writing, role playing and so on, we tap into these different parts of your self? What if we could, in this way, actually alter our own personality's? Can we become someone else by focusing so much on one of our made up characters, that we become that character? Have you been acting differently lately? A sudden change of habit? Started speaking your mind more than usual? Have your taste in music, clothes, movies, books, lifestyle, haircuts, men, women, etc, changed recently? Are you still there?

Y.T the hero

Late upon a midnight dreary, while I lounged around at home naked, and tried to lure my temporarily demented cat to get the fuck inside, I came across a damsel in distress. Actually, she came across me, standing naked in the door to my minuscule backyard, calling out angrily at my cat. Turns out she was the reason my cat refused to move. No, she was not the wicked witch of the north or anything. Just some collage girl trying to get inside the house. She wasn't even a cat burglar clad in latex boots, to my great disappointment. Either way, she asked me if I could open the door. I hurried inside, and put on my shining armor, which for some reason looks exactly like my bathrobe, and went to her rescue. I opened the door, she came inside. Turns out she needed to get to the building next door, which is connected to this one trough some corridor or something. I didn't have a key there, so I said sorry. She thanked me as I returned once more to my castle. Not very enthusiastically or anything, but I suppose I looked more like the Robed Perv than the Knight of the Moon and Sun, so that's acceptable I suppose. Either way, she should really get a key so she doesn't have to ask dead tired people standing naked in doors insulting their cats for being slow in the middle of the night. That sentence is pure genius. Just thought I'd point that out.

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