Another Awesome Title About Something

I just felt like writing, so I sat down and did. The problem is, I don't really have anything to say. Maybe I have written all that I could? Maybe I should start writing the novel of the decade instead? Who knows? I sure as hell don't. If only something could get me really angry, that always speeds the brain up, and lets me really get at things. I could take up my absolute disgust of people who care only for themselves, and don't see the reason for social security. I could take up the fact that in the worlds richest countries there are people starving to death. And then I haven't even touched the worlds poorest countries, and the fact that with somethings as easy as not overeating, and putting some pressure on out politicians we could change this. By removing medical patents we could have cheap medicines that would save millions of lives all over the world. Fuck the money, people will always be worth more, and if you disagree, you should be shot. For starters. You see? Even when I don't really have anything to write about, my mind keeps wandering. It goes on and on, and it never seems to stop. Luckily, I need the paper and pen to formulate my thought, otherwise they're just a blur of emotions and vague images in my mind. Sometimes they're almost silent, sometimes their sharp edges makes cringe. Though I guess this is life. I shouldn't complain really, I am alive, in one of the worlds rich countries, one of the best when it comes to health care and education. But I don't care. If your countries so good, do something about someone else's. Or at least start people talking about it, that's how you change things. You won't stop people eating meat and wearing fur by showing them images of butchered bunnies. At least if they're anything like me, I only want to punch the person who sent me that annoying chain letter. But if it works, I guess it serves it purpose. Fuck people, they're evil anyway, but we might be able to save the animals! I shouldn't be writing when I'm in this state. I stray from the topic like a drunk driver on the freeway, stooping only to piss on someone's ideas. But you know what? People need to piss each other off. If we didn't get upset or angry anymore, what would get the majority of us to do something about the world? Sure, we have people with morals, dreamers, and other abnormalities. But sometimes it just takes the concentrated anger of the masses to shake things up. But the world keeps going round and round. People keep doing what they do. And I grow less and less interested in it all. Does it matter? At least for me, today, no.

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