A Musical Interlude

There will be no singing by your truly. Not that I can't sing, but my throat would probably collapse if I did the least bit tricky. Still got a bit of a cough left too. But instead I come bearing gifts! I didn't make them, and I certainly didn't pay for them, but I did spend time on the Internet looking them up at least. If you get allergies from YouTube you might as well disregard this entire post, cause there's gonna be tubes aplenty I'm afraid. Let's get going then, shall we? Wax Tailor is mostly ambient trip-hop, but sometimes they collaborate with some great vocalists and the result is often quite hypnotic:
And that's that. But there's no wonder I love Wax Tailor, trip-hop is one of my favorite types of music, along with some hip-hop and bebop I could probably get by for the rest of my life on it. Anyway, personal trivia besides, we journey onwards!
Sean Price, who's really good, has made this little tune that goes by the name of Onion Head. It's at the moment one of my favorite songs. Heavy cursing ensues. Be warned. I might as well keep going with the hip-hop now, here's Madvillain:
But things take a turn towards the abstract when J Dilla grabs the mic:
Anyway, enough hip-hop for today. Time for some GoldieLocks instead. You might remember the name from a previous post, but this time she has a real video, and it's also quite interesting. It contains her disembodied head, arm, a gray miniature dancing version of herself, some nice, although erratic colors... Yeah, you get the idea I think. It reminds me somewhat of Santogold, which is not a bad things I suppose. Unless she gets upset and comes and stabs me over it. Or it turns out she and Lykke Li are in fact clones that are taking over the world...
Alright, I might have scared some of my young readers with my talk of clones, so here's something lighthearted about kittens from SoKo to cheer you up:
SoKo is mostly famous for her song "I'll Kill Her" which you have here, although in a unplugged version from the back of a cloth store or something. It's awesome either way:
Dammit, I know everyone has already heard Lykke Li, but I just have to post this video that is actually quite a good depiction her live performances. Weird little dances, cocky, baggy outfits. No wonder I love her. Plus the video is crazy fun:
Last stop on this railway trough my musical taste is a remix by Flying Lotus, which I discovered trough a friend recently. Mia Doi Todd's "My Room Is White" becomes something else entirely. Or at least I think so. Haven't heard to original actually, so I have no idea really. But it would be a quite stupid remix if it's almost the same as the original, so let's just assume I'm never wrong, shall we?
The End.

The Flu

Turns out that's what making my head dysfunctional. I'm getting better, but today is the first day since the start of last week my head feels somewhat clear. I've got loads to post though, so I might as well get started. First of it turns out Peyote isn't actually dangerous. At all. In fact it seems it might even improve some mental processes. Since the study is funded by the American "War on Drugs", I'd say it's quite reliable. More at Dose Nation. But you can't just throw down some mescaline and take a nap. You need some music that will melt your brain and re-furnish your face. Enter Lightning Bolt:
If drugs and chaotic music isn't really your thing, I can instead offer you the following arrangement: How Television Works:
Really informative, and kinda scary. And while we're at it, here's how the News Work:
This one goes mostly for people in North America, but I'm quite sure it's more or less the same in other parts of the world. The exception would be some state-owned channels, but this also depends on how much they push their own political agenda on the viewers. Some manage to do what they're supposed, some just sounds like preachers. There, that's some of what I wanted to post. I might update more during the day. I've got one or two things I wanted to preach about myself. Luckily, you don't have to agree. In fact I expect you to disagree with some of the things I say, and would love to argue about it a bit from time to time.

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