White World and Wildbirds & Peacedrums. Plus the latest News.

There is snow outside. That is all I have to say about that. Well, alright, it supposed to be a few degrees above freezing later today. How does this work? I have no idea. But either way I'm gonna go out and stomp around in it in seriously insulated boots to hear that satisfying cracking sound. I'm probably gonna end up dead because of all the ice below the snow, but it'll be worth it either way. Also: Yesterday I discovered another awesome band! Wildbirds & Peacedrums is their name, and they're actually Swedish. I discovered them via television of all things. This is rare ever since they stopped airing the awesome show known in these parts as "Musikbyrån" (the Bearu of Music). I love that show, it's awesome for discovering new music. I still get by though. Now I show you a video! Watch and be mesmerized:
Drums and singing. That's it. Well, almost it. They use one of those hand smash thingies once in a while too. But still, it's seriously awesome considering how minimal it is in format. These guys can literally play anywhere if they feel like it. Like on the stairs of a building at a café:
And what else is going on then? Well,
Israel has killed UN personnel bringing in supplies to the Gaza strip, which has effectively ended all UN aid from being delivered to Gaza. This despite the UN having informed Israel beforehand. I can't help but wonder if it's a conscious attempt to stop any help from getting trough? Read more about the conflict here. And I just found out that there's been riots in Oakland when a police officer shot a man laying face down with hands on his back. Here's some photos from it on Flickr. There's probably more to be found if you so wish. Found via Warren Ellis.

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