Sick again.
I probably didn't get completely well since last time, and two hours at the local bathhouse didn't exactly help either. Or maybe it was the bicycling around for half an hour with wet hair?
Either way, things have gone all foggy and unclear. I should have made my way over to a friends to borrow a few books for my classes, but I'm gonna have to skip the chapter that I'm supposed to have read until tomorrow. I'm feeling bad enough as it is, going all the way there and then back again would probably end up with me unconscious in some ditch somewhere.
Oh, and I'm supposed to get up at 7 tomorrow. Which means I'm gonna have to go to bed soon. I have serious doubt as to my ability to fall asleep this early, but I'm gonna have to try I suppose.
And here come the headache... fucking hell.

Something more interesting will be posted soon. I might post that dream I turned into a short sci-fi story even.

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