Suger High

There is only one drug that everyone does. That drug is sugar. It's not like heroin or anything, but the danger with sugar is that it works in the same way, just on a much smaller scale. What happens when we eat sugar is that the brain releases all these substances that stimulates the nerves in such a way that you feel good. That's is of course not a bad thing. What is, is that since we eat such incredible amounts of sugar these days, it's in bread, pasta, in most about everything essentially, it fucks up the brain in a very small, but crucial way. When we eat sugar, the brain releases opioids. Opioids is the same thing that the brain releases when we use heroin or morphine, though of course in a much larger scale. The problem with sugar is that we can eat it all the time, and therefore keep the amount of opioids constant, we get addicted to the brains own chemicals essentially. However, this has yet to be proved to be the case on humans. Tests on rats has confirmed that they develop an addiction to sugar, and suffer from withdrawal when denied it. It is however quite likely that this is also the case with humans, since there is not that great of a difference in the brains between mammals. Though, there is of course a difference between our sugar and natural sugar. Our sugar is purified several times, treated with different chemicals, and heated amongst other things. These processes are mainly to make the sugar look good. However, they also remove all the good things with the sugar. It is however true that sugar is important for the brain. Natural sugar, that is. The natural sugar contains vitamins and minerals, amongst other things, which makes it quite healthy for us. Natural sugar is also built in a different way than processed sugar. This is important because our brains use sugar as its only fuel. However, too much is not good for it, since that actually prevents it from receiving the much needed sugar. Natural sugar is constructed in such a way that it is not directly absorbed by the body, the process takes a while, and maintains the level of sugar in the blood fairly even. Our artificial sugar, we might as well call it that, since that's essentially what it is, is absorbed almost instantly, almost as if injected into the blood. This of course causes the sugar level in the blood to peak, the body releases insulin to store this extra sugar, but the insulin levels take much longer to drop than the sugar does. The liver can't absorb all that extra insulin very fast, and don't normally need to either. The only natural source we have for that much sugar is honey, which naturally is very hard to come by. The simple fact is that our bodies does not evolve as fast as either our society, science, and brains does. And with these kinds of sugar levels, our brains won't get much further anyway. So, what should we avoid then? Mainly candy and soda, it's that easy. Eat breakfast, a real one, not waffles or anything like that. Check out these links if you want to know more about sugar, and what it does with our bodies: befreetech.com Princeton Franklin Institute


Hobbes in the US?

I was recently writing a paper on Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, and started thinking about modern day society's that resembles their political views on how the perfect society should look. I almost instantly draw a line between the American government and Hobbes ideas about the social contract. This contract is agreed upon by the individuals, and by giving up some of their rights and freedoms to one single ruler, the society gain is stability and becomes safer for the citizens of said society. So, giving up parts of your freedom to gain security? Made me think of the Patriots Act straight away, though I must admit that I have not read the document myself, so I might be a bit off. Anyway, from what I've understood, the document gives the government the right to deny the citizens some of their rights in order to make life safer and more stable in the country. This also means that the citizens have to believe that their government will do only just that, work towards safety and stability, since it would be just as easy for them to work towards other goals as well. It's essentially a matter of control, the people give some of their control for safety, which means the government is given more control, which can also be used to restrict the control of the people further. What I'm getting at is basically that no government should be unrestricted in it's actions, even if the people made these actions possible. A government that works for itself and not it's people is no longer the peoples government. But would it work the other way around then? If we take my country, Sweden, as an example... We have a coalition government, consisting of several different political parties, which is mainly the case because of our political system. The problem with a government such as this, is that it does not have the same kind of power as the American government has. On the upside is the fact that this government is restricted because of the fact that the people have more control over it, but this might not be a very valid comparison because of the difference in size between the two country's. After all it also affect the size of the government in itself, but also how close most people can get to the government. If a majority of the people in a country is politically active it decrees' the possibility of the government to get too much control. If there is a an uninterested attitude towards politics, the government can do pretty much what it pleases, as long as it keeps the people happy. As you might suspect by now, I'm more in favor of Locke than Hobbes, though there is of course good and bad things with both their views... As there usually is in life.


Good and Evil

This is actually one of the hardest things to discus. Since there is not such thing as either good or evil, these are only word, describing different things for different people. What can be done is to define a few guidelines for what is right or wrong. For example, something that benefits everyone is a good thing, something that affect everyone negatively is bad. Though this is only barely an outline, if even that, we can at least use it in some way. Let's say a majority of people are benefited from something, and a small portions is affected negatively. Is that a good thing? Most people would say so, but it is not really representative for a democratic country, since it's run by the will of the people, and if a majority of the people benefits... Well, you see what I'm getting at here. Would this then make the majority evil? No, of course not, however, it does not make them good either. And that is because there are still a few people that had to suffer from the backlash of the greater good of the majority. But, this does not discredit the democratic system, since if a minority rules, the majority suffers instead. A truly democratic system can of course not exist, since it would have to take into account the opinions of every single individual in that society. It is not possible for such a society to exist, so instead we have one that takes into account most of the peoples general opinions. But, this is only a generalization of Good and Evil, however, that might be the best way to describe it. There is no Good and Evil, only generalizations? If we switch the view of Good and Evil to the individual, we get another view. Most people split things into these opposites, but, we do recognize the fact that things are mostly not all Evil, or all Good. People who do split thing into all Good or Evil are suffering from mental problems according to current psychological standards. But let's say one person view's something as evil, and another as good, who is right? How do we decide? We could of course decide on what benefits most people, but what if we can't do that, how do we decide then? And another thing, we can't base Good and Evil on people only, we need to use it as terms incorporating the entire planet. What benefits the planet benefits it's inhabitants after all. What we could perhaps do is decide what effects the topic being discussed as Good or Evil could have, if there is mostly positive things, it's Good, if it's mostly negative things, it's Evil. But that also depends on personal views, and since we can't disregard our own personality, we find ourselves stuck in a deadlock with ourselves. Sure, if we decide that something is good for most, but bad for oneself, we should still support it, but we don't. This is true in most cases, why that is I don't know, it might be because of instincts, or perhaps upbringing? Personality, maybe because of society itself? If it is indeed society, that is an contradiction in itself, since society is for the majority, but then would also influence us in a direction that opposes society, and promotes personal gain. I also find myself believing that people are evil, but not from birth, but because of our upbringing, and how we are influenced by society, but also media. We are literally brainwashed by the streams of commercials, life-style programs, music, movies and even our friends. They convey messages of wealth that we should strive for, things we need to be successful, how we, our life, our friends, our thought and souls should look like. And we ourselves repeat these messages, and spread the streamlining of the individual a little bit more. But, this is nothing I can say for sure, it's only a stream of consciousness you might say. It's what I suspect might be true, but I will not claim to know anything, that is up to you to decide...

Fanatical Hate Preaching Sects Attack!

Yes, you read it right. That's the most scary part, there are people who believe that hate is the way to change the world. And it's apparently Gods hate... Luckily I'm an atheist, so I'm not that offended. What did offend me the most was the praise over the dead Swedes in the Tsunami that hit Thailand. Obviously, people that tolerate homosexuals, have anal sex, and don't tolerate preachers talking shit about homosexuals, must be the children of Satan? Right? As you might have guessed by now: I am Swedish. I am in support of homosexuality, anal sex, and believe that the judging of people based on their sexual orientation, politics, religion, ethnicity or sex is wrong. I believe in peace, freedom and a society based on science and personal evolution, rather than financial gain. Here's a link to the nice people of the Westboro Baptist Church's homepage: Hatedotcom What scares me the most though, is the fact that there are several of these Hate Cults operating inside America, and probably other countries as well. For some reason they have decided that God is apparently the God of Hate. These guys clearly need to go see Kevin Smiths Dogma... And besides, I'm not sure I can say that I find this scary, I find it hilarious at some points actually... Like when they burned the Canadian flag, and declared that: "Canada is a homo-fascist state where the filthy fag agenda has become the law of the land." Yeah, right... What amazes me the most though, is that people like this hasn't been locked into mental institution yet. They're clearly fanatics, opposed to human rights, and probably ethics and moral as well. And no, moral has nothing to do with religion. I have nothing more to say, this bores me already... I also apologies for the sudden change of fonts, I'm having trouble with Blogger for some reason...


Oh Motherland...

Read this, then the blog. I don't buy it, though some of it is probably true... The guy who wrote it isn't a journalist, which is clearly noticeable in the way he writes, it's more like a column in how it's structured. I mostly wonder why the hell it's placed under news... And the fact that extreme right-wings organizations are on the upswing isn't something exclusive for Russia, it's the same thing here. Most of the racist parties have gained a lot in the latest readings, some have actually doubled. Though then we have to take into account that they don't have more than 1-2 %, and that's after they've gained some.... What further discredits this article is the fact that it's in such a crappy excuse for a paper. Look at the rest of the content for example... Kate Moss and Harry Potter. So it's a children's magazine, why didn't it say so? And the name of the article was probably what drove the stake trough poor old Dracula...

Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp

Yey! Sex! And what was the point of the whole thing? Mainly to compare todays Russia to the old Nazi Germany. So the name of the "article" was only to get peoples attention, and if that was what got their attention I strongly doubt that few of them got further than the picture... And to mention another thing that you did see if you payed attention, the guy is the author of the upcoming book "The New Cold War and How to Win It". Which means it's more or less commercial for his upcoming book. Though I agree with him on a few point, Putin is edging more and more towards fascism, which anyone with half a brain has noticed by now. Russia has always been a poor country, in comparison with the rest of the worlds industrial countries, nothing new here. The fact that the situations hasn't changed is what is most terrifying. The Nazis took power in Germany because of the instability's there, and the people thought that a strong ruler would be the best thing to regain stability. However the Nazis failed to do so, and therefore blamed Jews, Gypsies and a bunch of other groups to avert the anger of the people. That is of course the simplified version, and if you didn't get it, i suggest a quick visit to a very good site to learn a bit about modern history. www.wikipedia.com Though as anyone with a braincell knows, you should never totally trust wiki, always double check your info. Mindfuck for all!


No Faith

I don't kid myself in believing that anyone actually reads all the shit I write. Luckily, that don't matter, since I only write for me, and me alone. Todays topic is religion, or as i like to call it, aid for the living impaired. Though I'm not saying that all religions are shit, just most of them. The big once are the best examples, but those aren't any fun to write about, so I'll just take religion in general as an example. For instance, the fact that a person that does not believe in a religion will end up in said religions version of hell. And it doesn't matter how good that persons been. There in itself we find a contradiction. Say that this boy, let's call him George, after the monkey/president... Anyway, George is a good guy, he cares for people, even those he doesn't know, he gives money to the poor, and is active in a ideal organization or two. He doesn't believe in Krishna, Buddha or God, but follows many of their basic ideas of compassion, kindness, and all that. He still get sent to hell, the void, Samsara or whatever. Why? Because of the simple fact that he did not believe. Why would any deity care if he believed or not? They don't, cause they don't exist. Then who does? Think about it, it's not very hard. Who profits the most from organized religions? Could it be... The church?! And sure, the church does some good things, but it mostly works for it's own sake. Organizing bible camps and shit to brainwash the next generation into repeating the pattern that has existed for several hundreds of years now. And who is it that is drawn to religions? Except for children with parents that don't believe in letting their children think for themselves... Mostly those that has ended up in the outskirts of society, those that feel lost and are unsure of themselves. Sure, religion gives them a purpose, the only problem is that it's not their purpose. They chose to join because they want a feeling of security and to be a part of society once again. And this saddens me, haven't we gotten further than this? Why do we still seem to need the constant reassurance of others to put value in ourselves? Why are we still that fucking primitive? The only faith we need is faith in ourselves, and not even that, we need to know ourselves. That's it.



I've been thinking about the situation here in Sweden recently, and it's not as democratic as you might have been lead to believe. For instance, the income of the people making the least money has been cut thanks to our new government, who promised that everyone would get more money. Of course this does not affect them, they don't live like the poorest, and probably never has either. They fact is that the upper middle class is ruling this country, it might be right if the majority of the population were middle class, but that is of course not the case. There is always a huge mix of people from different parts of society, and as long as a majority of people from the same place in society rules, the country they rule is not a democracy. It's sad to think about those that could have become great leaders and role-models, but were so put of by the current political system that they ended up working in factories, wondering what happened to all their dreams and plans for the future. Those that could have written great novels, and made beautiful pieces of art if they only had finished their education. Now stuck dead end jobs, or not even having a job at all. having to struggle to even get food for the day. Is this good, is it right? Is it what we are supposed to be, people that ended up wrong because of glitches? Or is it the individuals fault? Not a chance, the individual is shaped by it's surrounding, mostly your parents, though I'm not talking about Freud or anything, it's just the simple fact that you are influenced a lot by your parents opinions and limitations. You, as well as everyone else is a part of a system that creates people that are getting more and more similar to each other. The technique of cloning has already been implemented on our society, it's a system designed to make us easier to manipulate, so that we stop to question, stop thinking about what's going on in the world around us. Our thoughts are drowned in the flow of information, in the assault of commercials and tv-shows. We are slowly drowning in others manufactured opinions, and do not even realize it ourselves.


About Parkour

I want to tell you a bit about what Parkour is, from my point of view. It is a efficient way of moving through the environment of course, but it is also a lot more that that. I see it as a way to get to know myself both mentally and physically, to learn what i can do with my body and mind, and realize that i am much more capable than i thought yesterday. What is important is not to be the best, it is to be as good as you yourself can be. There would be no point in trying to be better than anyone, because we are all different and we all have to adapt to our own bodys. Therefore there are no two tracuers alike, and it is also why new ways of moving can be invented, because we have to adapt to ourselves and our environment. And since everything keeps changing, we ourselves must also keep adapting to new conditions, be they physical, mental or environmental. The reasons for practicing parkour can be many, and are different from tracuer to tracuer. But there is one thing that makes them more or less the same. We train for our own sake, not to become rich or famous, to get attention or anything like that. What we do is, in my opinion, is almost a kind of physical meditation. We explore the world around us, and with it, the world within us. We expand our knowledge of ourselves, and in that way understands everything a little better.


Morning Zombies

Do you sometime doubt your own value? Feel that nothing that you do maters since it will only dissapear in the huge masses of people? Slip into a passive state were nothing you do matters, and you stop careing about whats going on in the world. You sleep while awake, as if you where dead you make your way through stores, streets, your work, and life. Why? Because of the fact that we care about the wrong things? Because we no longer work for our own sake? Because it is too hard to always care, always get angry at things that are wrong, say what you think instead of just agreeing? Wake up Donnie...



All fortunes should be given to the poorest people to compensate for the gigantic gaps between the rich and the poor. No person should have any significant power over another. Added sugar should be made illegal. Brands says nothing about what kind of person you are, just how brainwashed you are by commersials. Capitalism is shit. Most religions are of dogmatic nature, and therefore should be considered as something very negative, always be critical to people that claims to be right. Nobody likes fundementalists, doesn't matter if they're Muslim, Christian, Hindu or something else. Oil and gas should be illegal. Tv is mostly crap, with all commersials and bad shows being aired all the time, it's a wonder that there are still inteligent people left on this planet, thank you Discovery! McDonalds is the antichrist. Media is another thing that should be firebombed a bit. The fact that the media is supposed to inform us of what is happening in the seems to have been forgotten, what matters to them is that they make money, not that we have any knowledge of what the world looks like today. The fact that the media is also influenced by political partys is another thing that at least i am very critical against. They should at least look at the politicians a bit closer, and not take a stand like they mostly do. It's not thier jobb. Candy is another thing that should be made illegal, the only thing remotley acceptable is dark choclate, preferably with nibs, and not to much damn sugar. Soda and fast-food is also kinda bad, but sometimes a burger or a pizza is ok. Soda on the other hand should be executed! Snacks to. Can't think of anything more right now... I'll make a list of good stuff as well, not this week though.


Not any specific one, just war in general. It's probably the single human activity that show exactly how undeveloped our species is. Because it has nothing to do with safety and protection, it has always been about power and money in its many forms. There is nothing that is worth the kind of suffering and terror that is caused by war, and there is always a better alternative than violence in any of its forms. This goes for any acts of violence, no one has the right to harm another person, and if everyone actually lived by the saying "Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated", this world would be a much better place. And stop lying all the time and speak your mind! No lies, no violence. So easy and yet so hard.

Shut Up and Listen

I am back once more to write for no real reason other than the fact that i like to! The thing is that if you are going to write a blog you need something to say, preferably something that's not worthless. So why don't i stop right now? Be because i happen to have a lot of things to say about, mostly, how i happen to view reality. For instance i do not see any value in money, i don't really want a job at the moment, though i dont need one anyway since i'm studying. I think graffiti is art, though as everything it depends on the details. But i really didn't have any clear thought on what i wanted to write about, i just felt like writing. One thing that would be nice though, is if people learned to listen, and not just pretend that they do. And actually started looking around, because you cab find alot of beautyfull and intresting thing in your own back-yard. One thing i've learned from practicing parkour is to always look twice, because you migth have missed a angle. What is most important is of course to do what feels right. On a sidenote i'm now quite certain that i am a communist, the problem is the fact that we humans are not yet ready for that kind of society, we are to primitive and selfish, we care more about what others think than what we ourselfs do, and don't realise that luxury and happiness are two diffrent thing that most likely have nothing to do with each other. I say most likely, because i think it become harder to be happy with a lot of money, but i don't think it's impossible. Anyway, drunken love to all!



I feel like writing now suddenly. The thing is i didn't before i started to. When you do something that feel alright it's easy to keep going, to start again when you have stopped is what is hard. I just realized how i write, i don't write with a plan or even a faint structure. It just appears within me and i write, i don't know why my mind works in this way, is not to any real disadvantage, since I've got good memory and can keep things quite focused in that way. If i were to write fiction it is actually quite interesting, since you cant figure out whats going to happen next in my stories. It was actually quite some time since i wrote any fiction now, if i feel like doing something i will post it, in case someone actually reads this. I don't really care, if i did i would have stopped long ago... Flow is something overused in sports and work, everything that requires a achievement of some sort. I don't view it as that, i see flow as something close to zen, equilibrium, balance, or something similar to those words. It is more a feeling than a word if you ask me, a state of both mind and body were everything works, there are no hesitation, no obstruction of either mind or body. They are one for a brief moment. You have complete control over everything, and feel like everything is good. It also used in Le Parkour. And often, at least here i Sweden, we overuse it. I have even heard people saying that what matters is flow, meaning only to move in a smooth way. Since i see it as a whole i would disagree. A movement is beyond the physical plane, it is in your mind and in your spirit as well. It is all of you, not something that is tied to your body only. Flow is just when the motion of both mind and body are working as one. they connect and forms the Yin and Yang of the self, or rather the center of the Yin and Yang, equal parts of opposites that balance each other. This is always what i thought of as Zen, which may, or may not be true. What matters most is understanding anyway...

Writers Block

I like to write, I don't like to write a lot of crap. That I feel I have done for a while now and therefore I haven't written in a while. I have had numerous thought pass through my head since last time I wrote, I and thought I could possibly have something to say this time, however it seems that I have not. As usual. It is one of those days today, were you haven't done anything and would like to accomplish something, but you have no idea what to do. I'm gonna think about what to do for once, plan my course of action for the rest of the evening. First of I'm going to go out into my kitchen, turn on the plates and start boiling water and heating up the frying pan. Taking out some groceries first of course. Then after I've started in the kitchen, I'm going to clean up a bit while keeping my eye on the stove. Then I'm going to eat, and afterwards I'm going to... hmmm, I don't know actually. I would really like to train a bit, but since I've got a cold it wouldn't be a to bright idea... Damn, this really is boring isn't it? I don't really think a heavy organized living is my thing, I might express myself in a old manor, but rest assured I love to play and have fun. I hate to clean and prefers to take life one day at a time, I almost never study for anything more than 2 days in advance, including big exams.... Damn, now I sound like someone boring trying to sound cool instead... Fuck it, I'm hungry.

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