Ze Doktor iz IN

I love comics. I'm not ashamed to say so. But as with many things, I'm a bit of an elitist when it comes to plot and art. If either isn't to my liking, I can't read it. Same goes for movies, tv-shows, you name it. Either way, Ellis is one of my favorite authors when it comes to comics. Thing is, I only really love his sci-fi work. Sure, I like superhero comics from time to time, and Bad World was awesome, although I've heard about some of it before. But, it's the stories about the future that interests me the most. Spider Jerusalem taking on the President of the United States armed with a bowel disruptor, his brains, and of course his filth assistants. Global Frequency fighting to save mankind from most about anything really. There's just something about these stories that remind me of the first time I read Snow Crash, and the mental orgasms it caused. It's the near future, and I can actually see before me how we might end up there. A harmful memetic idea spreads throughout the populace, and we need to find the right idea to counter it. Sure, memetics are not really accepted yet, but I hold no doubt it soon will. And with the discovery, and realization of just how big Anonymous is, I kinda feel like taking up the quill myself. Anonymous is a stand alone complex that operates trough memes, with no leadership, and no clear similarity between members. It could turn into the worlds largest and most dangerous terrorist organization, consisting of thousands of different cells. Or it could possibly form any number of covert organization, with time even end up with wast political influence. Sure, it's not likely, but that's hasn't really stopped anything so far, has it? Either way, I was going to say that Doktor Sleepless, so far, is awesome. I'm still not sure the Doktor is actually real or not, considering that part about the tupla. But I guess I'll have to wait and see for myself eventually. Oh, and the grinder symbol is fucking awesome. If I actually knew what it stands for, I might get a tattoo with it. Hell, I might get it anyway.

Just Another Day

A few days ago I was in a rush. I was supposed to have written a disposition for a ca 20 pages long essay about parkour, and how the city change our movement, and how we in turn adapt to overcome the city. But thing hadn't gone as planed, and I was running late. I listened to Death From Above 1979 a hour or so before I actually left home, and with Dead Womb as the metronome for my feet, I jumped on my orange (spray painted) Swedish military surplus bicycle. I had soon achieved quite good speed, and where racing trough the green areas around my flat, heading towards the towering shape of the University. The sun shined, and the wind played, and I could feel the gravel hitting the wheels as I made my way over the dirt roads. Not that any of this really matters much, I had an alright idea, and I got the help I needed to evolve it further. But for some reason, I remember that I thought, as I was about to cross a road, that this should be documented somehow. That precise moment seemed so very important. The light stress, the nice weather, me looking good, and for a change actually feeling kinda good too. Maybe it was the adrenaline, or maybe I just needed to get out and move a bit, but those 10-15 minutes was an almost perfect moment. And I wish there where more of those...

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